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A Century-old
The currently used wood adhesive (UF) entered the market on scale in the 1930s and is derived from fossil fuel.

The Growing Market
The market grew significantly over time. In the UK more than 1000 tons are used daily. The UF market is still growing by 4.4% annually. .

The Air Pollution
The EU's Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks (SCHER) committee classified UF as one of the top five highest  toxic indoor pollutants that should be removed from production. A vast variety on adverse health effects are listed by the EPA.

High Carbon Footprint 
Based on UK´s usage more than 2.040.000 kg CO2-eq are released daily. Because the adhesive is derived from fossil fuel new CO2-eq are continously released into the atmosphere.

The Alternative
BindEthics offers a scalable & commercially viable alternative. The bio adhesive technology is based on food waste. This desperately wanted/needed alternative can disrupt the current market creating a circular economy in a century-old industry.

Contact us for interviews or collaborations

Feel free to contact us. We are open for interviews regarding a broad range of topics.

We are specifically interested in industrial collaborations to adjust the adhesive to your specific needs. Additionally we are happy collaborate in case studies with companies, museums and artists that wish to try the adhesive with different materials to create something unique.

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